1BK+ Brake Kit - Pad-Rotor-Lines Combo (S-slot)

1BK+ Brake Kit - Pad-Rotor-Lines Combo (S-slot)

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Our 1BK+ performance upgrade package consists of our GP1 one-piece brake rotors paired with SPP1.0 brake pads, stainless steel braided brake lines and high-performance brake fluid. This combination is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their braking system for a more responsive and aggressive feel. Our SPP 1.0 brake pads offer increased initial bite, high heat stability, and levels of modulation ideal for spirited weekend drives or your local autocross course. Our GX3.0 alloy in our GP1 rotors provide increased cooling capacity and longer rotor life, with the increase in pedal communication complemented by the high heat-capacity P518 brake fluid. A set of silicone wrapped stainless steel braided brake lines replace your worn and stretched rubber lines. These lines provide a more direct application of pressure to the caliper as well as a firmer pedal feel. Our P518 DOT4 brake fluid offers a higher boiling point than more common DOT3 fluids which enables it to perform better under extreme temperatures.

Additional Attributes:


  • GTIN: 00843432135489
  • Brake Fluid:: P518
  • Brake Lines: GR.1043
  • F/R:: Rear
  • Pad Part Number:: SPP10.0683.161
  • Pad Thickness:: 16.1mm
  • Part Number:: 0683.146.1043
  • Rotor Part Number:: SR146.1B22
  • Rotor Size:: 320x22mm



  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: 15 x 17 x 17 inches